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January 2011


Crouching Tiger Mother, Hidden Dragon Baby

Joan Crawford, step aside. If you think slapping your daughter over "No! Wire! Hangers!" was bad, allow me to introduce Amy Chua, author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. Have you heard of her? Chua is all over the airwaves promoting her memoir about raising her daughters "the Chinese way." And while there's no arguing that Chinese kids are stereotypically successful, I'm not sure "the Chinese way" is worth it. In her book, Chua explains that her daughters were never allowed to: - attend a sleepover - have a playdate - be in a school play - complain about not being in a school play - watch TV or play computer games - choose their own extracurricular activities - get any grade less than an A - not be the #1 student in every subject except gym and drama - play any...

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Love and loss in Mayberry, RFD

I've often said that Tulsa is Mayberry, RFD. We may be a city, but live here a while and you'll learn that we're a small town where everybody knows everybody else. And if you don't know everybody else, you know somebody who knows them and they know you. This can be a good thing and this can be a bad thing. For example, you learn not to say anything bad about anyone because, chances are, the person you're talking to knows the person you're talking about. And it can be a good thing, because chances are the person you're talking to knows the person you're talking about - as long as what you're saying is nice. Today, living in Mayberry is a good thing. A dear friend lost her son after his long, difficult and brave fight against a terrible disease. He was a grown man with an infant...

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