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February 2011

All I can give is never enough


All I can give is never enough

I recently read an article by a young adult woman who was adopted from Korea as a baby. She had the opportunity to find her birthmother recently and was lucky enough to not only find her, but travel to Korea and actually meet her. She said that her birthmother started crying the minute they met and gently stroked her hand the entire time they talked. She told her about the circumstances of her birth and why she couldn’t keep her. At the end of their meeting, her birthmother’s husband – who isn’t her birthfather – asked the young woman if she would accept him as her Korean father. That blew her away because bloodline is extremely important in Korean culture. But her biggest surprise came when they gave her their 24-karat gold wedding jewelry. She said she almost felt...

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My Just Between Friends Therapy Session


My Just Between Friends Therapy Session

The Just Between Friends sale is just around the corner - so you know what that means! It's time for my semi-annual ritual of sorting, cleaning, pricing and tagging all of the clothes and toys my daughter has grown out of. And time for me to get all sentimental and sappy about my attachment to them. What is wrong with me?! Why do I act this way? They're just clothes? Precious little clothes that my sweet little baby girl wore when she...when she...had her first ice cream cone. When we spent the afternoon playing under the crabapple tree. When she rode her tricycle. Oh my gosh! The tricycle! That's going to JBF too, because she's no longer riding it! She's riding a bicycle. Stop the clock! Turn back time! My baby is growing up too fast! Bottom line, JBF turns me into a...

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Everything but the whole fish


Everything but the whole fish

A Facebook friend posted an illustration of our state with the words "Oklahoma is closed" today. It certainly feels like it, with most businesses closed - even the Tulsa World has ceased production until Saturday! I don't know about you, but since Snowzapalooza hit, I've been spending a lot of time with my family. We've watched movies, played games, read books, cooked - a lot, eaten - a lot and had a lot of fun.'s almost like...Chinese New Year around here. And just in time, too. Because tomorrow, appropriately enough, is Chinese New Year! Happy Year of the Rabbit! Halfway around the world, an entire country is closing down, not due to snow, but because of Chinese New Year - or Spring Festival as it's also known. Millions of Chinese will travel hundreds of...

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