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The Great Elf on the Shelf Controversy

Dec 11, 2010 - 07:56 PM
The Great Elf on the Shelf Controversy

I see that little elf. Up there on the shelf. Sitting there...judging me. But that elf isn't on any shelf in my home. No this elf - rather these elves - are still in shops and stores. Staring at me with their happy little faces. Unbought.

But I see past their cheery grins. They're judging me. Their eyes say it all: I'm not a good mommy. I don't have an elf sitting on a shelf on my home for my daughter to happily find each morning. I'm not merrily moving my elf every night to a new location. Hiding it in a tree. Slipping it atop the mantel. Nestling it in a lampshade.

No. I'm a mean mom. Or am I just lazy? Can we just say I'm busy? I have a hard enough time filling the Advent calendar with tiny gifts every year, let alone play hide and seek with a doll for 25 days.

But I'm not a Scrooge! I adore Christmas and the entire Christmas season. Our house is awash in merriment and my heart is light! I want to "get" the elf, I really do...I just...don't. Does that make me a bad mom?

I heard of one mom who really has fun with her's. Her elf is rather frisky at night - making "snow angels" in flour on the kitchen counter, rearranging the ornaments and decorations, and nibbling Christmas cookies. Can I go live in her house?!

And then there's this blogger I follow. She scrapped the whole shelf elf "lore" and went rogue. She doesn't believe in telling her children that Santa "knows when you've been good or bad." Rather, he's just a jolly old guy who brings children presents. So, whenever her kids find their elf, they get to add another item to their wish list for Santa. That seems a little...odd to me, but to each her own.

I don't know. I would love to play along - really I would. But the pressure's just too much for me! Our poor little elf would probably spend days in the same place. Forgotten. Alone. Neglected. All while we decorate gingerbread houses, bake cookies, watch the Nutcracker and open our Advent calendar. He deserves better!

So where do you stand on the elf? On the shelf? On the fence? Or down in the ditch with me?

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