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December 2010

Ringing in a new family tradition


Ringing in a new family tradition

In our house, New Year's Eve and parenthood go together like champagne and chocolate milk. Two great things that really don't blend well. But it's okay! I figure I partied as a young singleton and even as a first married. Over the years, the mister and I have realized we're content to ring in the new year at home. We're exciting like that. However, I didn't want to pass our lackluster entertaining skills on to our daughter. I wanted to make the holiday somewhat special and keep it on her level. So last year I put together a Kiddie Cocktail Party, just for the three of us. We had kid-friendly finger foods - little meatballs and pizzas, cheese and crackers, and of course grapes. She had a Shirley Temple while we enjoyed some champagne. It was a blast! As we were getting ready...

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The Great Elf on the Shelf Controversy


The Great Elf on the Shelf Controversy

I see that little elf. Up there on the shelf. Sitting there...judging me. But that elf isn't on any shelf in my home. No this elf - rather these elves - are still in shops and stores. Staring at me with their happy little faces. Unbought. But I see past their cheery grins. They're judging me. Their eyes say it all: I'm not a good mommy. I don't have an elf sitting on a shelf on my home for my daughter to happily find each morning. I'm not merrily moving my elf every night to a new location. Hiding it in a tree. Slipping it atop the mantel. Nestling it in a lampshade. No. I'm a mean mom. Or am I just lazy? Can we just say I'm busy? I have a hard enough time filling the Advent calendar with tiny gifts every year, let alone play hide and seek with a doll for 25 days. But I'm...

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