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Party, party, party!

Apr 10, 2011 - 05:36 PM
Party, party, party!

Piper celebrating her 2nd birthday at home.

The spring birthday parties are starting. It seemed like there was a lull there for a couple of months, but things are heating up and those handwritten invitations to my daughter are showing up in the mail again.

I'm not complaining! I love birthday parties. It's just...

Remember when you were little and had a birthday party? You invited your friends, they came over, played a few games, ate some cake, watched you open presents and went home - right? What happened?

Why do our kids have to bounce or paint or dress up or swim? When did children's birthday parties become such a chore - and an expense?

I'll admit, we've fed the beast for several years now and don't plan to stop. With a December birthday, our house mysteriously shrinks when more than one or two kids - and their parents - are in here. So it's easier to have her parties elsewhere.

Plus, I don't know if you've noticed, but kids tend to run around. A lot. Our incredible shrinking house gets even smaller when they do that. Suddenly, the idea of paying someone to let them run around in their place of business makes sense.

The last time we had her birthday party at home was when she turned two - see above. We had a tea party for her and about three of her friends. Tea for Two, get it? But add in their parents, her grandmother, the godparents and all the "aunties" who wanted to come - plus all their kids - and we had a full blown special event.

I swore then and there we wouldn't do that again. And we haven't. So far, we've done a ballet party at Miss Shelly's, a dress up party at Diva Girlz and an arty party at Philbrook for Piper's third through fifth birthdays. All the parties were great - and the businesses are local. I love that. And my daughter loved her parties - including her tea party. Win, win, win.

What about you? Do you have parties at home? Or do you "go out?" What's been your favorite birthday party - and by "your favorite," I mean your child's!

And most importantly, is my daughter the only kid in town who starts planning her birthday party a year in advance? Sadly...I'm not kidding.

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