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May 26, 2015

China Mom


Playing politics with little lives

They’ve done it again. And by “they” I mean politicians. And by “it” I mean used children as pawns in their political games to make some kind of a point as they throw their weight around to show how important they can be. Yeah, Vladimir, I’m talking to you. You didn’t like the United States human rights sanctions against Russia so you banned adoptions by our country? That makes, like…no sense. Exactly whom are you punishing by this awesome act of bravado? I’ll tell you who – small children who have already been abandoned, neglected and all but forgotten. So you’ll excuse me when I fail to understand why you victimize children to make your point about human rights sanctions. All too often, governments play...

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The birthday tree

Some interesting things happened seven years ago this week. On Friday, December 9th, I’d taken the day off from work to spend the day with  my friend Dana. She and her husband were in our group of parents waiting for our babies from China. We would be traveling to adopt our daughters together. We had met at an adoption workshop earlier in the year and became fast friends. At the time, we were expecting to hear about our babies within the next few weeks. We had lunch at Café Ole and shopped along Brookside. We went into Ribbons where I saw a cute, little pink tree made out of feathers. I thought it would be a darling tree for my soon-to-be baby. But I decided to wait until the next day. So on December 10th, I returned with my husband. A good friend who...

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Post-Election Perspective

I don’t get political on Facebook. I try to keep my opinions to myself. I don’t like to debate people online because it only makes me upset and causes animosity and that’s not what social media is about for me. I like to keep my “Friends” as friends. It isn't easy at times, but I find that I’m happier following my grandfather’s advice to “never discuss religion or politics.” That being said, I did type one, G-rated word when the election results were announced. Like-minded friends commented; others left me alone. My Facebook page remained civil. Earlier on Tuesday, I posted a comment about an extremely loud and irritating woman who was waiting in line to vote while I was in the booth casting my ballot. Seriously. You...

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The Mum Mom

The following story is true, however it did not take place in Tulsa. It didn’t even take place in Oklahoma. It didn’t happen to me or anyone I know. This happened to a friend of a friend. Seriously! Let it be a cautionary tale to us all. Once upon a time, in a land not so far away lived a woman and her high-school-aged daughter. One day, the daughter came home in tears, explaining to her mother that her life was ruined and her reputation at school was at stake. The family had recently moved to this city from a farther away land and – as we all know – reputation in high school is important to many young girls. Concerned, her mother asked her to explain. What tragedy had fallen on her sweet and lovely child? “You didn’t order a homecoming...

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So you're thinking about being an older mom

I didn’t plan to be an “older mom,” it just happened that way. By the time my husband and I decided we were emotionally ready to be parents, we learned Mother Nature had other plans all along – and those plans put our plans to be parents on hold for yet another few years. By the time all those years added up I was…well, “of a certain age.” And that’s okay. I’ve never really had a problem with being an older mom. To quote reality TV, "it is what it is." And I'm not going to extol the virtues and benefits of being an older mom vs. a younger mom. I don’t really care about that because there are good and bad points on both sides of that fence and you can read about them in most any parenting site or...

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Dare to Dream

I have exciting news! My daughter is a consultant for Disney on Ice! No really. How else do you explain Dare to Dream, the all-new live ice skating production coming to the Tulsa State Fair this weekend? Seriously – look at the line-up: Rapunzel, Tiana and Cinderella bringing memorable moments from their films to life in a skating spectacular fit for a princess. Only my daughter could dream this stuff up. Or should I say “dare to dream” this stuff up. Needless to say, we’ll be going – like I have any choice in the matter. We can’t drive past 21st & Yale without my daughter asking how many more months until she gets to go to the Fair and watch Disney on Ice again. And trust me, we go by 21st & Yale a lot throughout the year, so...

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Somewhere Between

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Oklahoma screening of Somewhere Between, a documentary that follows the lives of four teenaged girls adopted from China and now living in the United States. The film is in limited release, showing in select cities in the US, but was among the films showing at the Sundance Institute Film Forward screening in Sulfur, OK last weekend. It was a long drive on a very busy weekend, but I had a hunch it would be worth the effort. I was right. Somewhere Between is a deeply emotional film that examines the core of international adoption: what does it mean to be from somewhere other than here? It’s something my daughter is beginning to struggle with – and she’s only six. More than once, she has told me that she...

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What is the deal with Pat Robertson?

Those of us in the adoption community are probably aware of the Rev. Pat Robertson’s convoluted views of international adoption, which he shared recently on the 700 Club. They’re right up there with his cockamamie views on Alzheimer’s disease, which he made several months ago. You may recall that he told an elderly man whose wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s to divorce her, because “it was better than adultery.” Those remarks infuriated me then and they still do. Both my parents died from Alzheimer’s – first my father and then my mother two years later. One of the most heartbreaking times of my life was watching my mother wait for her husband of nearly 60 years to come back to her. She was so lost and confused and I could...

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Farewell summer

Oh, summertime – how I hate you…please don’t go! That pretty much sums up my love/hate relationship with this season. I have this romantic notion about summer: visions of lazy days spent lounging on a hammock with a book, dinners on the back patio, picnics, weekends spent by the pool. Then I walk outside and I’m hit in the face with reality. First there’s the scorching heat that sends me scurrying back inside to my air-conditioned comfort. Then there are the mosquitoes that attack the minute we set foot in our backyard. So, instead of the hammock, we spent our lazy days on the couch, ate dinner in the dining room and eventually gave up even going to the pool because even the water was too hot. But then, one glorious day, the heat broke...

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A sacred tradition

It’s time for a sacred tradition in our home: China Heritage Camp! Oh my yes. Around here, my daughter’s heritage is an important thing, which makes her heritage camp important as well. See, my child left her birthland when she was only eight months old. And, try as we might, it’s tough to incorporate Chinese culture into our American lifestyle. Face it – my child is growing up American. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s vital that she have a connection to the Chinese part of being a Chinese American. To that end, she goes to Chinese language, dance, music and cooking classes. She does crafts and hears Chinese legends and stories. But perhaps more importantly, China Camp addresses what it means to grow up an adopted...

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