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March 30, 2015

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Do you juice?


Do you juice?

Recently we've hit a whole new milestone with my 2-year-old in that he actually has an opinion about what he eats and drinks. In fact, it's a very strong opinion. Specifically, he will throw his peas off his plate while saying "I don't want it, I don't want it..." I've steamed carrots, then mash them with butter and cinnamon, but he's no fool. "I don't want it...." Luckily, he does love the veggie/fruit purees that come in the package (see left). It doesn't matter what kind, he eats it right up. Ever the skeptic, I've tried to find negative information about these little packs, but can't. The only draw back in my house is that because I know he'll eat them, I've become lax about preparing fresh vegetables for...

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Pregnancy Brain Is Real


Pregnancy Brain Is Real

Things have been happening to me lately. Some I'll share and some I'll keep to myself (believe me, I'm doing you a favor). I'm starting to really appreciate that my 2-year-old won't remember much about the last couple of months, as he serves as my only witness to some very embarrassing situations. A month ago, I was bent down trying to brush his teeth while he was busy doing something with his cars, and I completely fell over backwards. Gracelessly fell on my arse. "Mommy, ok?" he says. "Mommy is ok" I reply. Last week, he was playing on the jungle gym with his cousins at the park. He got into a "big boy" area, so I climbed up (in a dress) to be there..just in case. Well, he started to fall, so I leaned over (in a dress) to...

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The Downside of Having a Baby


The Downside of Having a Baby

At 32 weeks pregnant, I'm starting to shift out of the "fun" pregnant part into the "ugh" pregnant part. My back aches, I'm tired, my breasts are sore, I can't tie my shoes, I'm peeing constantly...you know, the usual. I'm starting to remember how bad everything hurts. For some reason, I had pushed my labor way back in a safe place in my memory, but now it's starting to come back to me. In fact, all of the not-so-fun parts are coming back to me... Labor and delivery: There's really no reason to get into specifics on this one. Even "good" deliveries are still painful. It's just that afterwards, that whole area (you know, down there) it's just, well, an unfortunate situation. Plus, it goes on for longer than anyone...

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The Secret Life of the Pregnant Woman


The Secret Life of the Pregnant Woman

Nothing is more mysterious than the nocturnal habits of a pregnant woman (I say in my best Discovery Channel voice). I've hit that point in my pregnancy where I'm up a minimum of five times a night to use the restroom. It never fails. Every night around 8-9 p.m., I become extremely thirsty. I'll down glasses and glasses of water, knowing all-too-well that I'll be paying for it later. If you're picturing a quick jump in and out of bed, you'd be very wrong. More often than not, I've got a two-year-old pretzeled in between my arms. So, I must slowly untwine us. Then, I've got the ol' stiff back issue that makes the first couple of steps out of bed look more like I'm walking in quick sand. While I'm working that out, I...

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Where's the harm in Bully?

"The Hunger Games" is extremely violent. You know this if you've read the book or seen the movie. If you haven't, I'm telling you it is violent. I'm not going to get into the details of the book or movie, except that I enjoyed them both very much. Although the book was more realistic than "Harry Potter" or "Twilight"...at 30-years-old, I'm mature enough to be able to read it for what it is, fiction. Since my son is still into The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear, the ratings and whether or not my tweenager should be allowed to see it isn't on my radar. I'd like to say I wouldn't alow it, but I've never felt the pressure of a 14-year-old wanting to do something that all his/her friends are doing. Plus, I think...

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The 5 Things That Kept Your Child Awake Lastnight


The 5 Things That Kept Your Child Awake Lastnight

One of the perks of my job is getting to go to informational events under the guise of a professional. For example, this morning I went out to Jenks and listened to Tara Hess speak about "The 5 Things That Kept Your Child Awake Last Night." Tara is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach and Happiest Baby on the Block Educator. She was speaking to a group of moms who either have children with sleep problems or who are staying ahead of the game by learning different sleep techniques to teach their babies. Currently, I am in the process of transitioning my 2-year-old to his big boy bed; or, let's be honest, out of mommy and daddy's bed. It wouldn't be an issue for me, except with little sister coming in June, I want more flexibility in the middle of the night. So far,...

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My Third Trimester Guilty Pleasures


My Third Trimester Guilty Pleasures

I have officially entered the third trimester, or as I like to call it, the "whatever shoes I don't have to tie" mester. Since my son is on a pretty reliable sleeping schedule, I am trying to pack in all of the books and movies I can after he goes to sleep. This go around, I'm very well aware that I won't read a book for a good two years once the baby gets here. My last pregnancy, I read the Harry Potter series which resulted in my son's nursery morphing into a wizard/ owl/ star themed something. Based on the information below, this little baby's nursery could get a little bizarre. So, I thought I'd share these guilty pleasures with you (in order of degree of guilt 1-5). If you haven't already indulged, you're welcome. If you've...

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The Magical Land of Grammy's House


The Magical Land of Grammy's House

I hope you are all enjoying your very first day of Spring Break. We started off ours last Friday by road tripping to my hometown to stay with my mother, or Grammy as she's now known. My sister and I loaded up our kids (7, 3 and 2 years old) and headed south. Grammy's house has become this magical place (especially to the 7-year-old) where anything is possible. Growing up in the country, I took for granted that cows and horses were just part of the backdrop, but to my 2-year-old, seeing cows is an event. Although I do love midtown, country living has its perks. For example: 1) There's something to be said for not having to worry about traffic. When I open my front door, it's an immediate "hold my hand" situation. At Grammy's house, it's a...

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Stop Kony 2012


Stop Kony 2012

I'm a skeptic. I think...I hope that everyone is these days. I didn't say pessimist. It's just important with the our unreliable media to do a little research or ask a couple of questions before you completely swallow a news report.  So, have you all seen the Stop Kony 2012 campaign that has taken over the www? Maybe you have, but haven't had time to watch the video. I took some time today to watch the video and also read a few articles and blogs discussing its accuracy. Here are some blogs/ articles I read: CNN, NPR, Forbes. For good measure, I tried to look on Fox News, but couldn't find anything. There's no doubt that Joseph Kony is the worst kind of human being. His crimes are unthinkable and it's beyond what many of us can...

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Feeling the Love

You know, there are times when you feel like the whole world is against you; now is not that time for me. I was just reading my editor Betty's newest blog post and it made me feel good. It also reminded me of a good interaction I had with a mom this past weekend.... You may have read that one of my son and I's special places is the kid's area in Barnes & Noble. He loves the train set, and I love reading while he plays with the train set. However, lately it hasn't been such a special place. This whole sharing thing has become a struggle for us. As soon as a possible "enemy" shows up to the set, he begins hoarding as many trains as he can hold. Then, when his arms can't hold anymore, he has a nervous breakdown as they fall to the floor. If...

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