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April 23, 2014

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A Note to my Future, Tired Self

It was a moment of weakness. After the 15th day over 105 degrees this blustery summer and my then 18-month-old throwing tantrums every time I turned my hair dryer on, I made an emergency appointment with my hair stylist. I was a woman on a mission, blinded by the heat. That day I cut off around 10 inches of hair. I was in denial at first and my overly supportive support group said they thought it looked great. Liars. Now, months later, I'm still regretting this decision and the years it will take to get my hair back to french braid length.  Having always had long hair, I assumed that getting rid of 90% of it would make my life easier. Oh, how wrong I was. Short hair is hard work! My former long-haired-self would occasionally dry it; but would more...

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Get exactly what you want for Christmas by asking for it.

With Christmas fast approaching (seriously, 47 days), it's time to get serious about my "who to buy for" list. On top of that, my son is turning two-years-old on December 15th. This causes the Grandmas, Grandpas, Great Aunts, etc. to ask..."What does he want?" Instead of doing the "Oh, he doesn't need anything" dance, all while knowing very well that they would never not get their favorite toddler a gift for his birthday and Chrismas, I decided to get proactive by setting up a wish list on I had heard about people doing this and thought it to be a little presumptuous. But now I see that it is efficient and accomodating. It's user-friendly. When you are setting up your registry, you drag a button to your tool bar....

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Tips to Avoid Listeria While Pregnant and Beyond

When pregnant with my son, I read the What to Expects and the Your Pregnancy Week-by-Weeks. They all talked about Listeria, but I didn't get anything out of it other than stay away from deli meats. But now, with the recent cantaloupe Listeria outbreak, it made me wonder, what exactly is Listeria? And, are all foods at risk? How can a pregnant woman avoid it? So here's what I found: Regarding the recent cantaloupe Listeria outbreak: 29 people have already been killed and 139 have been sickened. The tainted Colorado cantaloupes have been off store shelves for weeks now. But the symptoms of listeria can take up to two months to appear. (Read more) 2 MONTHS! So what exactly is Listeria? According to good ole' Web MD: Listeriosis is food poisoning caused by...

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Is sharing photos putting your family at risk?

Who knows how true these types of things are, but I thought it was worth sharing with you.  I would love to believe that there aren't crazy people out there that would do something like this, but that's just not the case.  It takes five seconds to change on your phone....  

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Do you know what stridor is? I DO!

So maybe I'm the last mom on the planet to know what stridor is, but just in case you aren't familiar, I'll share my weekend with you.... My son woke up early Friday morning with the obvious signs of croup. The barking seal breathing, etc. Only this was different from our previous croup experience because he was having a serious struggle with breathing. His stomach was concaving with every breath and he was acting lathargic. At this point, it was 3 a.m. and while I wanted to jump in the car to head to the ER (which I now know I should have done), I wanted to see my highly trusted pediatrician. For the next few hours, we rotated him between the steam shower and outside air. Gave him popsicles and tried to stay calm. Finally it was 8 a.m. and I was the first in...

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Stupid things parents do that put their kids at risk

It seems like this week was information overload regarding how we should raise our children. No tv, no crib bumpers, etc. What these researchers don't realize is that when they publish these studies, they send me into a frenzy that causes sleepless nights and way too much Googling. I read this article from CNN, "Stupid things parents do that put their kids at risk." Basically, it gives a a list of 5 do'nts that parents do: 1. Moving baby to a bigger car seat too early: My son was 28 lbs. at nine months, so I probably didn't move him fast enough. 2. Letting baby sleep in swing: My son loathed the swing from the get. 3. Letting your baby watch 'educational' videos: I have let my son watch tv before his 2nd birthday. He watches one...

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iPhone: The New Binky


iPhone: The New Binky

Did you guys see the story on the news this morning of the baby that thought a magazine was a broken iPad? It shows a baby easily navigating through an iPad and getting frustrated when an actual magazine "won't work." I'm starting to realize how our grandparents feel about my generation and cell phones. It's true...when my son is my age it's highly unlikely that he will ever use an actual print magazine, newspaper, book, etc. . All of his reading will be done on some form of tablet or whatever Steve Jobs has in store for us. I have an iPad and the way my son manueveurs through it is somewhat unnverving. I'm not sure why, but I feel like reading Brown Bear on an iPad is just...just...wrong. Being a book lover, I have a hard time...

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Family Fun at The Fair!


Family Fun at The Fair!

Say what you want about the fair, but all-in-all it's a a good time.  Sure the crowd is, ummm...colorful, but unless you're a germophobe, you've simply got to take the family. We went yesterday afternoon/early evening and headed straight for the petting zoo.  After walking in, I quickly realized why my co-worker suggested going in the morning.  (Note to self: always listen to a woman who has three kids regarding least smelliest time at the Fair Petting Zoo.) Because let me tell ya, the stench can take you back for a minute. But after you get used to that, it's not bad at all.  To actually get into the Petting Zoo is free. You can buy food to feed the animals, which is $1 for a small and $5 for a large. There are cows, zebras, tons of goats,...

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Thinking beyond the curb.

About 6 months ago, my sister started recycling her chipboard. At the time I wasn't for sure what chipboard was, I just knew that our curbside recycling didn't take it.  I just lumped it into the cardboard category and shamefully threw it in with the rest of my non-recyables. But my sister challenged me (as most big sisters always do) to start gathering it in the garage just so I could see how much of it I actually went through. After just one week, it was apparent to me that I was a chipboard addict. From diaper boxes to 12-packs, the chipboard was adding up.  Finally after about about a month (and a plea from my husband to get it out of the garage) I loaded it up in my car knowing that would force me to take it out to the recyling center.  And since...

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The here comes the bride bailout

The previews for the new Matt Damon film "Contagion" do not impress me.  The storyline is just too easy.  Hollywood obviously doesn't know that this happens during "sick season" every year with our kids in school. It all started on Thursday with my toddler, made its way through my house and ended in Ardmore, Ok. just yesterday.  I'm sure there are more victims of the most horrific stomach flu on my record, but I only count the ones that I have to clean up after. I was at my desk, happily working away on Thursday...looking forward to a weekened full of wedding festivities for one of my nearest and dearest when I got a phone call from B's school. Oh no.  It's just never good when they call you in the middle of the day is...

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