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April 27, 2015

Baby Love

My Not So Friendly Flyer


My Not So Friendly Flyer

Oy! Aaah! Sigh! My family just got back from an amazing trip to Colorado. It was epic and I am having a really hard time transition back to above 80 degrees and the real world. So the actual vacation was amazing. But the traveling party, oh the traveling part, was very, very, very bad. Turns out that the worst time to get on an airplane with a child is when they're between 14 months, 13 days old and 14 months, 20 days old. In case you were wondering. We went to Glenwood Springs, Colorado which is about a 15 hour drive. Far too long for my two little ones to be in the car. So, their dad drove the car with our brother-in-law then picked us up in Vail. Perfect, right? NO. NO. NO. It was not perfect. Whether driving would have been better, I'll never...

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Visiting the Tulsa Botanic Garden


Visiting the Tulsa Botanic Garden

I've been hearing about the Tulsa Botanic Garden for a couple of months, and decided it was time for us to go check it out. My husband is a major garden nerd, so it didn't take much convincing. Seriously, we are the youngest people at all of the early morning garden shows by atleast 40 years. It's kind of one of my favorite things about him. Also, we are spending a week in Colorado in August, and I wanted to try out a hike with my 1-year-old strapped into my new Baby Ergo. We also brought the B.O.B. stroller because our son hasn't been feeling 100% and I didn't think that he would be able to make the 2 mile hike. The Baby Ergo was perfect and I can't believe I've waited this long to get one. My 1-year-old likes me ALOT right now, so she's happy to...

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Confusion Over Ear Tubes

My son has had the same set of ear tubes since he was about 15 months old. He's now 3 1/2, so it's shocking that they're both still in and doing their job. Before the tubes he had chronic ear infections, water in his ears and balance problems. It was also affecting his speech. Our doctor said it was basically like he was living under water. I'm not one to over medicate my kids, and I definitely did not want to put my toddler under anesthesia, but I have an amazing pediatrician and she strongly suggested getting the procedure done. After doing my own research and getting a second opinion, we decided that it was a good option for him. Since getting tubes in and adenoids out, he has had a total of TWO ear infections. Also, it was amazing how much better his...

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Visiting the Tulsa Children's Museum

We visited the new Tulsa Children's Museum (TCM) yesterday and it. is. the. BOMB. First of all, I've never been to Owen Park and what a gem! You know, sometimes, I'll go to these places and get so mad at myself for not knowing about them. I've been in Tulsa now for almost 8 years, and there's just so many great spots I haven't hit up yet. I feel a summertime theme emerging. Anyways, the park is great and I want to go back to spend more time there, but back to the TCM. It's a little off-the-beaten-path, so Mapquest before you go. Getting lost after you leave somewhere is always ok because everyone is tired, but a 3-year-old in the backseat asking "are we there yet?" over and over and OVER, can really drive me out of my mind. If you...

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Lock-Up the Visine!

You know how you see those crazy posts on Facebook about a friend of a friend whose second cousin's kid did something like ate Pop Rocks (I think I just dated myself) and ended up in the hospital or something? Well, what I'm about to tell you is legit. This came from a good friend of mine, and it just happened a couple of days ago (I've changed the names because I haven't got her permission to post this): Jane (age 2) got adult sunscreen in her eyes and started crying so I grabbed her and put Visine drops in her eyes to try and flush it out. That still wasn't calming her down so I used saline solution and tried that also. She was still just upset at this point and I thought it was still the sunscreen. I took her back down to beach and she wanted back in ocean....

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Berry Pickin' in Green Country


Berry Pickin' in Green Country

                      We have quite a vegetable garden happening in the raised-beds in my backyard right now. It's one of my favorite things about summer. We've got tomatoes, spinach, onions, squash and okra, I think. Truth be told, I haven't put much effort into it yet. My husband does all the prep...I'm more into the harvesting (and eating) part of it. Because of this, I'm really into berry farms. If you've never been, you basically get a bucket and walk around and pick berries - pretty straightforward. The cost is minimal, and if you help pick some for the farmers, most of them will give you a discount. It's such a great, budge-friendly...

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Prepping for Summer with Miller Swim School


Prepping for Summer with Miller Swim School

Let me start off by saying that we don't get paid or anything to endorse certain businesses with our blog posts. So, if any of us write about businesses or events it's legit. Now on with my blog... A couple of months ago I decided to brushen up my 3-year-old's swimming skills with the hope that by this summer I'll be able to take both he and my soon to be 1-year-old (tear, sniff, sniff) to the pool by myself. Last summer she was an infant and it wasn't an option because 1) big brother wasn't very comfortable in the water 2) little sister was very needy 3) I had just had a baby and wouldn't be caught dead in a swim suit - nothing much has changed there, but moving on. So, I enrolled him in Miller Swim School and love it. He has gone from hanging...

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Baby Bootcamp

I can really talk myself into a frenzy when it comes to my children. About a month ago, my 3-year-old started stuttering pretty suddenly. It lasted about two weeks and then kind of vanished. In those two weeks, I came up with a couple of scenarios 1) he had a stroke 2) he had a brain tumor or 3) something super traumatic must have happened. I had also already scheduled a visit to a speech pathologist (which I've since canceled), and we did go see his ENT - who told me he was fine. His tonsils are a bit oversized, but there's nothing we can do about that at his age.  My husband says I overreact. My husband may be a little right. I'd love to say that I don't compare my children to others, but that wouldn't be completely true. I'll see a Facebook...

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Worry About Yourself!

Oh, man. I've been really enjoying some of the stuff my 3-year-old has been coming up with lately. For example, I've been trying to get him to tell me which animals are nocturnal and which are diurnal. He kind of just thinks I'm saying that animals who are active during the day are not-a-turtle. So, when I'll ask him what an owl is he'll say "not-a-turtle." Yes, son, you're right, but.... Anyways, here's a funny little video that has been going around today. Enjoy...

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Cleaning My Tub With Vinegar


Cleaning My Tub With Vinegar

I don't really have an opinion or advice in this blog, it's more of just a rant. A rant about how I'm losing. my. mind. Since I've become a mother, my third eye has taken over. I can't enjoy the park because I'm constantly looking for danger. If a stranger walks up, I'm secretly thinking they look like that fugitive I saw on the news. I don't even like going into Home Depot with them because of all the chemicals lingering. And I'm seriously considering moving to the country and starting an organic farm so I can have complete control over the food my children eat. All of the potential hazards, chemicals, etc. are everywhere and I can't keep up with it all. I mean, did you know that there are ingredients in certain kinds of apple sauce...

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