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The here comes the bride bailout

Sep 21, 2011 - 01:50 PM

The previews for the new Matt Damon film "Contagion" do not impress me.  The storyline is just too easy.  Hollywood obviously doesn't know that this happens during "sick season" every year with our kids in school.

It all started on Thursday with my toddler, made its way through my house and ended in Ardmore, Ok. just yesterday.  I'm sure there are more victims of the most horrific stomach flu on my record, but I only count the ones that I have to clean up after.

I was at my desk, happily working away on Thursday...looking forward to a weekened full of wedding festivities for one of my nearest and dearest when I got a phone call from B's school. Oh no.  It's just never good when they call you in the middle of the day is it? So, of course, he was vomiting and I went to pick him up.

Knowing I had a big weekend ahead of me, I did my best to keep my distance.  But that's not really possible is it? When your child is ill and wants to be snuggled, you snuggle. No hesitation.

Without getting into the details too much, I'll just tell you that on Saturday when everyone turned to look at the bride, I bailed behind a car and stayed there for the remainder of the ceremony.

As I was becoming human again on Sunday morning, my mother fell victim. We're both excited to announce that we lost 4 lbs. though. Gotta look at the positive right?

Sep 26, 2011 01:16 pm
 Posted by  honeybeemama

ugh, bless your heart! the last time i was sick with something like this, i was at home all day with my youngest. somehow (don't remember the specifics now, as i was clearly NOT thinking clearly) my oldest got to school and to mimi's house so i only had one to look after. i spent the majority of the day either hovering over the toilet or less than coherant on the sofa. can't really tell you what little man did all day, but he watched a lot of tv, ate a lot of granola bars, and destroyed a couple of coloring books with kid friendly scissors! i was SO glad when it was over!

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