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Cowboys and Sooners have Common Ground

Sep 15, 2011 - 08:36 PM


My husband and I are pretty big Oklahoma State fans. He had a brief OU stint, but I come from a long line of OSU Alumni (and I rub that in his face whenever I can). In fact, I have to throw a shout out to my sister for being awarded a "2011 OSU Rising Star" award for her overall awesomeness. I'm pretty sure there are specific accomplishments that she received the award for, but as her sister, I get to say it's because she's just really awesome.

Don't stop reading if you are an OU fan because this involves you too...sort of. Just stay with me.

In addition to being an OSU fan, I'm also from Ardmore, Ok. The hometown of OSU's very own Justin Blackmon. I never knew him because I'm waaaay older than him (no need to get into specifics), but I feel really cool about it. I even had a Justin Blackmon sighting when I was visiting home one weekend. A friend of mine cut me off when I was headed towards him with my I-Phone camera ready to snap.  I shouldn't have let her talk me out of it and I'm a little bitter about it. 

I digress.

On Tuesday, ESPN's "Beyond the Field" featured this special story between Justin Blackmon and a little girl named, Olivia. You can view the video here...


 It's such a sweet story.

Olivia met Blackmon through Special Spectators. This is an amazing program that creates magical days for seriously ill children and their families at sporting events across the United States.

My sister-in-law, Jenny, just so happens to be involved with Special Spectators. She also just so happens to be an OU Homecoming Queen (see I told you it would involve you Sooners, too). I know, I am surrounded by amazing women. So through Jenny, I've been able to see and hear the amazing things that these athletes do off the field. Even though I bleed orange, I have a special place in my heart for Coach Stoops. I've heard from my inside sources that he goes up to OU Children's Hospital to hang out with the kids all the time incognito.

Hearing these stories is so uplifting to me. It also keeps me from yelling profanities at the opposing team.

Go Pokes!

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