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40 Weeks---The Organic Baby Food Experiment

Sep 20, 2010 - 01:46 PM
Hello my name is Abby and I have an addiction to Whole Foods. ("Hi Abby"). For some reason I seem to think that if I buy something at Whole Foods it's good for me. Like it's ok that I ate a double chocolate chip cookie because it's organic. I'm pretty sure my hips can't tell the difference...actually I'm pretty positive. Not to mention it was a $3.00 cookie. I'm a firm believer that you get what you pay for and the food there is definitely a higher quality, but something has got to give. Which brings me to my organic baby food experiment.
Thus far, my 9-month-old has only had organic food. Thanks to breast feeding it's been fairly cheap, but now that he's eating more and more solid foods the grocery list is beginning to take a hit. I've tried a couple different options and here is my conclusion:
Option #1- Buying fresh and made to order
This is the most expensive, but tasty option. Most of the time I try the food before I give it to him and it's mostly pretty yummy stuff. His Great-Grandmother bought us a 'Baby Cook' that will steam and puree fruits and vegetables (which is awesome). Any leftovers I freeze and can defrost for future meals. My biggest complaint is that when defrosting it usually gets too hot, so you have to wait for the food to cool before you can serve. In a perfect world I would go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday, buy the local produce to keep costs down...I do not live in a perfect world.
Option #2- Buying frozen organic fruits/ veggies, steaming and pureeing.
After a few weeks of paying for fresh produce I had what I thought was an amazing idea. I would buy frozen organic fruits and veggies which are much cheaper, steam, puree and voila! It is cheaper, but I still run into the problem of it being too hot after steaming it long enough to be able to puree. It's an awful lot of heating and cooling, heating and cooling...
Option #3- Buying Earth's Best Baby Food Jars
Ding, Ding, Ding! While I have to admit this isn't the tastiest option (who doesn't like all their food freshly prepared), it's definitely the most convenient and the cost is in between option 1 and 2. Plus, believe it or not Whole Foods is the cheapest place you can get it that I've found. It's lower than Target and Reasors.
I haven't introduced any meat yet, but I just started getting our meat from Natural Farms on 4th and Utica. All of their meat is natural and most is raised locally. Here's the best can buy Meat Packs for $25.00! The meat pack that works best for us includes:
4 – 5oz boneless skinless chicken breast cutlets
2 – small sirloin steaks
2 – pack of lean ground beef patties (3 patties)
All for $25.00! There are multiple options. You can got to to check it out for yourself.
My organic budget quest is still a work in progress and I'll keep you posted if I do any more experimenting. The only thing that I will not give up is the Lime-Lite Hummus at Whole Foods---it's divine---but I have to walk right past those freaking cookies to get to it.

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