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46 Weeks---"Hit him in the mouth"

Oct 25, 2010 - 10:03 AM
Saturday my husband and I headed to Stillwater for Homecoming festivities. There were many obstacles in getting there and none of them had to do with our 10 month old, but I'll spare you the boring details. So we get there, it's raining, but we are there. Now I understand that some families aren't as lucky as we are to have very willing grandparents to watch our baby so we can enjoy a football game, but if my only option was to take my baby with me, I just wouldn't go. First of all the seats leave no room for rocking, elbows are flying during touchdowns, and the noise level can be quite frightening for little people. In my opinion, 4 years old is the earliest a kid can handle this situation. The people who sit in front of us do not agree. Which I guess that's the great thing about having your own children, you can do whatever you want. Ok, I get it, but man they do not look like they're enjoying themselves a bit (and for half the game neither are the people around them).
Now onto the dad behind us. We have season tickets so normally it's the same people around us, but this guy was new. At first, I thought, "Oh what a great Dad, taking his 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter to a football game by himself". Man, was I wrong. As the players lined up for kick-off and he held both of his children close to his side, in his loudest voice came out "KICK HIM IN THE MOUTH", "KILL HIM", "GET THAT F****** GUY"!
I couldn't help but give my half a head turn "yes I'm looking at you in disapproval" look. I was shocked and was continually shocked throughout the game of what came out of this man's mouth. Before you ask, yes we were rooting for the same team, so this doesn't come out of resentment for my beloved Cowboys losing. I spent most of the game wondering if I should say something or hoping someone else would. I mean when this guy gets his first phone call from his 12-year-old getting in a fight at school, I hope he isn't shocked. Even worse, he'll probably want to know who won the fight.
So when do you say something? Obviously if there is ever any physical harm being done to the child I would intercede, but what about verbal?

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