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October 2010


46 Weeks---"Hit him in the mouth"

Saturday my husband and I headed to Stillwater for Homecoming festivities. There were many obstacles in getting there and none of them had to do with our 10 month old, but I'll spare you the boring details. So we get there, it's raining, but we are there. Now I understand that some families aren't as lucky as we are to have very willing grandparents to watch our baby so we can enjoy a football game, but if my only option was to take my baby with me, I just wouldn't go. First of all the seats leave no room for rocking, elbows are flying during touchdowns, and the noise level can be quite frightening for little people. In my opinion, 4 years old is the earliest a kid can handle this situation. The people who sit in front of us do not agree. Which I guess that's the great thing...

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45 Weeks---A first I could have done without


45 Weeks---A first I could have done without

That my cyber friends is what is left of the worst 10 seconds of my life. They say that most accidents occur within 1 mile from your home and I am now a statistic. The 36 hours prior to this accident I had driven from Dallas to Ardmore to Pauls Valley to Tulsa in the pouring rain safely. But as I was literally feet from my driveway, BAM, I completely smashed into a car that I still don't remember seeing. Yes, it was absolutely my fault. Air bags were initiated, smoke was billowing, and horns were blowing, but all I could hear was my baby screaming in the backseat. Life really does go in slow motion in these times. Luckily, he was completely fine, but quite shaken from the jolt and noise. I have some minor burns from the air bag and bruises from my seatbelt. I'm rather sore...

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44 Weeks---The 21st Century Mother


44 Weeks---The 21st Century Mother

I know I'm not the first woman to have these issues and I certainly won't be the last. Chances are that before we know it, the stay-at-home mom will be extinct (atleast the way we know it). I work part-time and my 10 month-old goes to Mother's Day Out 3 days a week. Lately, it's more like 1 day a week because he's been consistently ill. The latest is a stomach virus that is single-handedly keeping the baby wipe industry in business (you get the picture). Between taking care of my sick baby, trying to get work done, and everyday miscellaneous' somethings gotta give. Well isn't this where being a working mother gets tricky? I feel guilt for being on the computer while my baby is looking at me with those "I just want you to hold me Momma" eyes, I feel guilt for not being in the...

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43 Weeks---Where's the Caffeine when you need it?

Up until the last 2 years of my life I slept a lot. I never realized how much sleep I was actually getting, but I'm quite envious of my former self. I was never a huge coffee drinker and caffeine wasn't something I depended on in any way. Even in college staying up late partying...I mean studying, was not a big deal because all I had to get up for was Young and the Restless at 11:00. That 8:00 lab was optional right? Sorry Mom. I didn't get horrible morning sickness when pregnant, but I did get a sudden onset of narcolepsy. Seriously, I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. But no caffeine when you're pregnant right? Oh well, it's not like I had a baby yet, so I could sleep whenever. But then the baby comes. Yay, but once again exhaustion. But no caffeine when your...

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42 Weeks---MDO=Sick Baby

Up until about a month ago I kept my little guy home full-time. My goal was a year, but 1) he seemed ready to get out of the house and 2) my sitters left for college. Luckily I only work part-time so I'm able to take advantage of a Mother's Day Out instead of full-time day care and we absolutely love it! I love the teachers and Bennett is practically bursting out of my arms as soon as we walk through the door. He seems to really enjoy playing with the other babies. I'd be lying if I said he showed any resistance when I leave. In fact, sometimes I linger a little too long waiting for him to reach for me or at least glance in my direction...doesn't happen. The problem is that he has had, at the very least, a runny nose since the first day I picked him up. I dropped off a...

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