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November 2010

51 Weeks: Are you kidding me?


51 Weeks: Are you kidding me?

If you've been reading this blog for the past 3 months, I've been inundating you with my child's latest ailments. As not to disappoint you...Periorbital cellulitis. I'm really not fond of my child having something that I have trouble pronouncing and have to look at 5 times to make sure I'm spelling right. In fact, I'm getting a little angry about it. I'm starting to lose my patience with it all and I'm about ready to move to the country, home school my children and grow/ raise our own food all in a giant bubble. The good news is that the Periorbital cellulitis hasn't evolved into Orbital cellulitis. The latter is when I go from comfort-eating to yelling at everyone in the vicinity for no reason. The break-down is that his cold turned into a sinus infection, which turned...

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50 Weeks: Shoo-Wee Shoo-Wee Everywhere!

I'm not kidding, I keep finding it in the most bizarre places. The past week my sick little guy has managed to "shoo-wee" in his crib, the tubby, the living room rug, the nursery rug, our bed, my lap and oh, I haven't bothered to put the changing pad cover on in days. I find myself inspecting every diaper searching for the smallest piece of something solid and counting the minutes after meals. On top of that I"m 90% sure that he has teeth coming in and he has a cold. This all began, literally the day I stopped breast-feeding. So serve a sick baby with a scoop of "mommy-guilt". I can't help but assume that it's connected somehow. It's either that, or it's nature's way of telling me that the "baby fever" I was starting to get is a bad idea (atleast for now). The thing is,...

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48 Weeks---Dude looks like a lady

I'll be honest with you, I would prefer that my son doesn't ever want to be a princess for Halloween. There was a great segment on the Today Show this morning regarding this topic. The basic run-down is that her son wanted to be a princess for halloween. When she said "boys aren't princesses", he replied "I'll be a boy princess". Instead of forcing him to be something such as a ninja, she embraced and supported his decision. I love this! I love that the message in this piece was one of acceptance, and that whether or not this boy will or won't be gay because of his Halloween costume isn't. She was very candid in her blog about the other kids not having a problem with it, but that the other moms did. The kids don't see the social stigma attached to it which is such a beautiful...

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