Baby Love

May 2011


My 16-Month-Old is Potty Trained!

That's right, he only poops in the bath tub! Seriously though, for the past three to four months our toddler has pooped in the tub at least four times a week. Your initial reaction may be "ew", but I promise you that my bath tub is the cleanest one on the block. Who else cleans their tub everyday? I've tried moving bath time to different parts of the day...before meals, in-between meals, after meals doesn't matter. After some googling it's apparent that I am not the only one (for some reason that doesn't surprise, or make me feel better). Something about the warm water acts as a stimulant. One comment suggested to use this as a way to begin potty training. To put a portable potty right next to the tub and when they make signs that it's all about to "go down",...

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