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New Car Seat Recommendations

Mar 21, 2011 - 10:00 AM
Did you guys see this on the news this morning? They have come out with new recommendations regarding car seat safety. You can check out the full list here. Of course what effects me the most is that they suggest (aka make you feel guilty if you don't) keeping your child turned rear facing until they're two-years-old. Of course, I switched my son on his first birthday even though he had been 30 lbs. since 9-months. It was kind of a right of passage and he was opened up to a whole new world that didn't involve that crazy orange money mirror that he had been staring into for 12 months.
So I'm wondering what he'll do if I try to switch him back. Keeping with the norm of how it's been going lately when I try to hold him back in anyway, I'm guessing it won't be a welcomed transition.
But then I think that if we are in an accident and something happened, I would never forgive myself. In the grand scheme of things does a little crying matter when it comes to his safety?
Oh and they also suggest booster seats for children between 8 and 12-years-old. I guess they don't take into account that every 12-year-old I know would refuse. I remember being 12 and there's no way I would have hopped into my booster seat when my mom picked me up from school.
Here is a list from the AAP you can also check out.
So what to do, what to do...well, what are you going to do?

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