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I'm baaaaack

Mar 6, 2011 - 08:20 PM
I'm baaaaack

After going from D.C. to Chicago, Chicago to Houston and Houston to home, I finally made it back home from my first real trip away from my son. Here's the shocking thing...HE SURVIVED WITHOUT ME! Shocking I know. All of those anxiety attacks for nothing.
In fact, I think it was really good for all involved. Especially me.
No, not because I was able to sleep a full night or indulge in happy hours (although that was good too). It was good because it forced me to let go a little.
I'm the first one to admit that when it comes to my child, I'm a complete control freak. From the minute he entered the world, I have been obsessive to a fault.
And who has suffered because of this? His dad. Looking back at my first year of motherhood, I can now see that I made some huge mistakes in this area.
"You're not supporting his head well enough", "You've got to burp him more", "You're feeding him too fast", "Here I'll just do it" comes to mind.
I mean, I remember telling him that he wasn't using the right towel once. Seriously?! Did I really think that using a different towel would hurt him in some way... goodness.
I can now see that just because he is doing it different, doesn't mean that he's doing it wrong.
Although it is hard for me to comprehend, there is someone who loves my son as much as I do and he needs to have equal....well 60/40 ( kidding )...involvement.
Also, I have to admit that there wasn't a bump or bruise on the child. That is until we were playing when I got home and he hit his head on a toy causing an immediate "goose egg." Doh!
My husband just smiled and said "I'm so glad that didn't happen while you were gone."
P.S. The above photo was what I saw coming out of the Tulsa International Airport sweet is that? But of course he was smiling when he saw me...I swear.

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