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15 Places Kids Should See By 15

Mar 30, 2011 - 02:11 PM
A friend of mine forwarded this article to me from CNN titled 15 Places Kids Should See by 15 . I've only made it to 4 of the 15, is that sad or what?
BUT, I love that they're all in the "the States" and I hereby declare that I will take my child and any unborn children of mine to see them all before they're 15...or atleast 20-ish...I'll do my best ok!

Growing up, my family did our fair share of traveling and I have very fond memories. Although in some of the pictures I didn't look like it. Specifically, we went to Yellowstone when I was around 8 (I think), there's a photo of me laying down on the top of a peak refusing to take another step. I guess I wasn't really into hiking at the time.

We went snow skiing almost twice a year, every year and I cherish the memories. Seems like since I've been "on my own" I've only gone a couple of times. That's another thing about growing did my parents afford all the fun things we did? I never realized how expensive I was until I started paying for myself!

What are your favorite travel memories from when you were young(er)?

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