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March 2011


15 Places Kids Should See By 15

A friend of mine forwarded this article to me from CNN titled 15 Places Kids Should See by 15 . I've only made it to 4 of the 15, is that sad or what? BUT, I love that they're all in the "the States" and I hereby declare that I will take my child and any unborn children of mine to see them all before they're 15...or atleast 20-ish...I'll do my best ok! Growing up, my family did our fair share of traveling and I have very fond memories. Although in some of the pictures I didn't look like it. Specifically, we went to Yellowstone when I was around 8 (I think), there's a photo of me laying down on the top of a peak refusing to take another step. I guess I wasn't really into hiking at the time. We went snow skiing almost twice a year, every year and I cherish the memories....

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Tubes In, Adenoids Out

After an array of sinus and ear infections, we finally took the inevitable trip to the Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT). It was a quick visit with a quick answer: Tubes in, Adenoids out. Common enough and I was assured that it's a minor surgery, no big deal. Except for that no surgery that involves putting my baby under anesthesia is a minor surgery. No surgery that involves IVs and needles is a minor surgery. Not to me anyways! So in the wee hours of last Thursday morning, we loaded up (I say we because I have one of those families where no one has any type of milestone without the whole fam damily attending) and headed to the minor surgery. It was all good, Bennett was happy enough and they quickly gave him some concoction that made him very, very happy. I was actually...

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New Car Seat Recommendations

Did you guys see this on the news this morning? They have come out with new recommendations regarding car seat safety. You can check out the full list here. Of course what effects me the most is that they suggest (aka make you feel guilty if you don't) keeping your child turned rear facing until they're two-years-old. Of course, I switched my son on his first birthday even though he had been 30 lbs. since 9-months. It was kind of a right of passage and he was opened up to a whole new world that didn't involve that crazy orange money mirror that he had been staring into for 12 months. So I'm wondering what he'll do if I try to switch him back. Keeping with the norm of how it's been going lately when I try to hold him back in anyway, I'm guessing it won't be a welcomed transition....

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I've got the fever, and it's not about Bieber


I've got the fever, and it's not about Bieber

No it's not Bieber Fever, but it is about "baby, baby, baby oh" the sequel. So when is the best time for number two? Is there a best time? I was just re-reading a TulsaKids article The Case for Space and the March of Dimes website suggests waiting atleast 18 months before getting pregnant again to allow your body to be fully prepared for another pregnancy. Plus, I have been told multiple times that having your first baby be a good sleeper is dangerous territory. Because my son (don't hate me) usually sleeps 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. every night. I've tried keeping him up later and he'll start laying his head on the floor, the couch, my lap, he's just tired. So I've got that working for me (or against me some may say). Anyways, every time I see a friend announce their pregnancy...

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I Don't Care What Charlie Sheen is Doing #WINNING

Oh stop already! I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to the media. I mean Prince William is getting married, The Real Housewives of OC is back on and Jennifer Aniston still hasn't found love...that is what I really want to hear about ok! Shortest blog post ever, but I just felt an overwhelming need to get that out there. The End.

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I'm baaaaack


I'm baaaaack

After going from D.C. to Chicago, Chicago to Houston and Houston to home, I finally made it back home from my first real trip away from my son. Here's the shocking thing...HE SURVIVED WITHOUT ME! Shocking I know. All of those anxiety attacks for nothing. In fact, I think it was really good for all involved. Especially me. No, not because I was able to sleep a full night or indulge in happy hours (although that was good too). It was good because it forced me to let go a little. I'm the first one to admit that when it comes to my child, I'm a complete control freak. From the minute he entered the world, I have been obsessive to a fault. And who has suffered because of this? His dad. Looking back at my first year of motherhood, I can now see that I made some huge...

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Separation Anxiety


Separation Anxiety

I'm sitting in a hotel lobby in Washington D.C. typing this and desperately missing my little boy. I left for a business trip on Thursday morning and won't get back until Sunday afternoon. When I committed to this trip 5 months ago, it was one of those "Oh, that's 5 months away, I'll worry about it then." But here I am smack dab in the middle of the trip with a strong case of separation anxiety. I haven't been home sick since I was 6-years-old. Luckily, I am with good company and we have been busy going in and out of seminars. Of course, we couldn't be in D.C. without stopping by the White House and giving a wave to F.L. Michelle (pictured below, if you look hard she's waving back from the window). And it turns out I'm not the only one missing someone. My editor has a...

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