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E.coli Woes

Jun 3, 2011 - 11:49 AM
So by now you've probably heard "E.coli breakout at Tulsa childcare facility." Well my child goes to Boston Avenue Weekday School (BAWS), that very childcare facility, and I'm feeling a little defensive about it. Kind of like people are dissing my home team. I have this strong reaction because I absolutely love BAWS.

Taking my then 9-month-old to a childcare facility was a necessary, but hard thing to do. I chose BAWS because people I trust, trusted them to take care of their children. I heard amazing things about Patty Baines, the school director, and just felt right about it when I toured.

Almost a year later, I feel great about choosing BAWS. My son practically runs into his classroom and smiles instantly when he sees his teachers. I feel that he is safe and loved there.

That said, I do think it's important for the Health Department to thoroughly investigate anything and everything. I feel horrible for the four sick kids and hope they feel better soon and make a full recovery. I know that their teachers at BAWS feel the same way and would never purposely do anything to put any of the children in harms way.

I can't speak for all of the classrooms, but I know that my son's room is always very clean. I've watched all the teachers change diapers and thought how annoying it must be to take all the steps they do during the process. It's incredibly hard to constantly wipe off toys that have been in and out of toddlers hands and mouths, but I have observed them to be very diligent at it.

I'm sure if my child was infected (which he has had no symptoms,) I may not feel as much like a cheerleader and my heart goes out to the parents. Having a child (or in this case two children) in the hospital is absolutely horrible. My heart goes out to them.

For now, despite what many people are saying, they have not concluded that BAWS is the source of the E.coli outbreak:

“Boston Avenue Church’s childcare center has been very cooperative with the Tulsa Health Department investigative team. The source of E. coli infection can be challenging to confirm. With three of the cases tied to one location, we will continue working closely with the childcare center, however, we are in the early stages of the investigation and cannot say with certainty that this is the source.” stated Tulsa Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart.

Someone asked me if I plan on taking my son there Monday morning. I did pause. But the answer is yes, he'll be there.

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