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June 2011

Kids and Sports: What you need to know


Kids and Sports: What you need to know

Hedy Behzadi began his coaching career over 20 years ago because he didn’t like the way coaches were treating his young son. “The way they coached was too competitive,” he says. “They didn’t let my son play at all. Seventy percent of kids quit the sport they love due to coaches’ behavior.”Coach Hedy, as he is known at Whiteside Recreational Center, says that structured physical activity for young children should be a fun learning experience where all children are encouraged to participate at their own ability level.Coach Hedy’s flag football, soccer, basketball and T-ball co-ed teams for 3- to 5-year-olds often have a waiting list. Over the years, he has taught at five different Tulsa parks, but has been forced to scale back on his...

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Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Running


Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Running

We in Oklahoma await the glinting orange and red leaves in the early autumn sun, and wish for that cool breeze. This change in seasons makes it perfect weather for a staggering array of runs sponsored all over the Tulsa area. Many parents and kids may have already run the Race for the Cure and are planning to participate in the Zoo Run, the Red Ribbon Run or the Tulsa Run. There are plenty of opportunities to introduce kids to the fun sport of running. These days, most local 5k’s offer a one-mile “fun run” for young runners and their families. These types of races raise some important questions: “How young is too young?” And “What is a good distance for a child?”Randy Maxwell, in his role as Head Coach for Tulsa Spikes, trains kids from 8...

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E.coli Woes

So by now you've probably heard "E.coli breakout at Tulsa childcare facility." Well my child goes to Boston Avenue Weekday School (BAWS), that very childcare facility, and I'm feeling a little defensive about it. Kind of like people are dissing my home team. I have this strong reaction because I absolutely love BAWS. Taking my then 9-month-old to a childcare facility was a necessary, but hard thing to do. I chose BAWS because people I trust, trusted them to take care of their children. I heard amazing things about Patty Baines, the school director, and just felt right about it when I toured. Almost a year later, I feel great about choosing BAWS. My son practically runs into his classroom and smiles instantly when he sees his teachers. I feel that he is safe and loved...

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Splash, Splash, Splash Park!!!

When I"m not in front of my computer, chances are I'm at a park, holding (aka: grasping tightly) an 18-month-old's hand, and looking like a bag lady. Between the diaper bag, camera bag and purse, I'm prepared for everything. Here lately though, I haven't had time to get the camera out. Toddlers are quick and seem to have a magnetism to danger. One moment taken to get the camera out is a moment that could end in disaster. Question: is climbing a phase or is this going to be an on-going thing? (I think I know the answer). Anyways, I'm saying all this because I don't have a photo of the Riverparks Splash Park we've been going to pretty much everyday. If you haven't been there, GO! It's so fun and the age range is 6 months to infinity. As soon as your kid is able to sit up, it's...

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