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July 2011

Toddler Time: Where is your happy place?


Toddler Time: Where is your happy place?

My kid wakes up early.  I'm not complaining because he does go to sleep early. Plus, with this heat, the only time you can even go outside is before 9 a.m.We usually go for an early morning stroll and most of the time it's just us and the bunnies.  Lately, though, the streets have been packed at 6 a.m. Everyone is up trying to beat the heat.  People are up jogging, watering their lawns, enjoying a cup of coffee, doing anything outside before they're forced inside by the oppressive heat. It's also the only time of day that my husband allows us to open the blinds.  Between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., our house is a dungeon with curtains pulled in an effort to keep energy costs down. I've really been having to focus on my attitude.  You pregnant women out there...

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Should parents lose custody of obese children?

That's what some Harvard researchers are suggesting in this article. Oh man, I'm not sure where I stand on this one.  There are so many other factors to take in account.If the child is put into foster care, will that be a better place for him/her? I tend to think that being severely obese is a psychological issue and that being put into foster care could further damage the child's mental health.  Thus, worsening the problem altogether. I guess that until a certain age, it isn't psychological, though.  Like when there is an obese 2-year-old, it can be directly correlated with the child's parents.  So, taking the child out of that environment would give them a better chance of leading a healthy life. I think the deeper problem here lies within the American...

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