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No wine before tubby time!

Jan 10, 2011 - 01:50 PM
No wine before tubby time!

A couple of weeks ago my boss stopped by my house to bring me a bottle of wine for the holidays (yes, I have the best boss ever). Anyways, we were visiting for a bit when he offered to open the bottle for me. "Oh no thanks", I said. "No wine before tubby time".
Assuming he knew exactly what I meant, I moved along in the conversation.
But while re-visiting the topic a couple days ago, he admitted that he had no idea what I meant by that at all. Then it hit me...not everyone speaks "Bennett". Gasp.
Apparently this is a very common offense us parents with little ones make.
When my sister is ordering anything for her 2-year-old it's always "wee-little". For example, "I would like a medium iced tea and a wee-little apple juice". I know exactly what she means, but the 16-year-old waitress is at a loss.
A friend of mine said that the other day her husband (who happens to be a 6'2", 225 lbs, ex-football player) asked her if she knew where his "sockies" were.
My little guy is only saying five words, but two to the outside world. Apparently, my husband and I are the only ones that can translate a few of them.
I suppose since he's 1-years-old now I should start using proper vocabulary for his sake. I don't want him going to kindergarten telling the school nurse he has a "toofers ache" or that he "went boom boom" on the playground.
New New Year's resolution: Start talking like an adult, for the sake of my child.

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