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January 2011


The Score

Being a mother has its ups and win some, you lose some. If I had a score card, this is kind of what it would look like... He falls asleep in the car and I make a successful transition from car seat to crib---VICTORY! He wakes up at 5:30 a.m. I give in and make a cup of coffee, then he goes back to sleep within 30 minutes---DEFEAT. After a month of "Mommy's nose", "Bennett's nose", "Mommy's nose", "Bennett's nose" while pointing back and forth to our noses, out of nowhere I hear "noooose" and a tiny finger in my nostril---VICTORY! While letting him "air-out" for a little bit before tubby time I start wondering who tracked in mud from outside...oh wait!---DEFEAT! After 10 minutes of him crying in his crib and I'm seconds away from going to pick him up feeling...

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No wine before tubby time!


No wine before tubby time!

A couple of weeks ago my boss stopped by my house to bring me a bottle of wine for the holidays (yes, I have the best boss ever). Anyways, we were visiting for a bit when he offered to open the bottle for me. "Oh no thanks", I said. "No wine before tubby time". Assuming he knew exactly what I meant, I moved along in the conversation. But while re-visiting the topic a couple days ago, he admitted that he had no idea what I meant by that at all. Then it hit me...not everyone speaks "Bennett". Gasp. Apparently this is a very common offense us parents with little ones make. When my sister is ordering anything for her 2-year-old it's always "wee-little". For example, "I would like a medium iced tea and a wee-little apple juice". I know exactly what she means, but the...

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My unofficial, amateur, subjective movie review


My unofficial, amateur, subjective movie review

What does an ex-party animal with a 1-year-old that won't sleep past 5:30 a.m. do over Christmas break? Watch movies of course and it was awesome. I was able to watch "True Grit", "Black Swan" and "The King's Speech" and let me tell you they were all freaking amazing, but all VERY different. Here's the breakdown: TRUE GRIT I'm a sucker for a western (thanks Dad) and this one did not disappoint. It's a remake of an old John Wayne film that I have never seen so I can't compare the two, but Jeff Bridges was of course amazing. In my opinion, the star was a newcomer Hailee Steinfeld from beginning to end. She was fabulous. I was, however, distracted during the movie by a 5-year-old little girl sitting down a few seats to my right. THIS IS NOT A MOVIE FOR CHILDREN. Like...

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