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The Great Education Debate

Feb 15, 2011 - 02:19 PM
Pre-Baby Confession #162- I used to get incredibly annoyed at my sister and her friends discussing where their children were going to go to school hours and hours on end.
Now, oh but now, it's my favorite topic of conversation and yes my child just turned 1. So!
I grew up in Ardmore, a small (atleast at the time I resided there) town in southern Oklahoma. There were few options for school, my parents chose one and it was a non-issue. I can only remember a couple of times I was unhappy with their choice. You know like when my second grade boyfriend and best friend were going behind my back to hold hands at a basketball game or something of that nature.
Anyways, it's just not the case in a city like Tulsa. There are so many options! By not growing up here I can only rely on what other people tell me and information I can find online.
This is only coming up because we recently looked at a house in Jenks. We are mid-towners and a year ago I would tell you that we always would be. But since our family has grown, 1,400 square feet has gone from "cozy and quaint" to "tight and tiny". To be fair, I think the blizzard forcing us to stay indoors (especially the dogs) has added to this quite a bit.
I love the mid-town look, feel, vibe, people, but then I love the space and quiet that you can get out south. I know that Jenks is an amazing school with top of the line facilities. But from a girl that graduated with 82 in her senior class, Jenks is HUGE!
I was able to play every sport, join every club, take every class. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like with that many students you can get a little lost. Say that my children aren't the very best on their soccer team (although I'm sure they will be-wink). Will they get any playing time? What if they want to play baseball and be in yearbook, will they have to choose one or the other?
This isn't just for Jenks; BA, Owasso, and some Tulsa Public Schools are just a little overwhelming to me. I'd love to hear your experiences/ feedback...

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