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February 2011

It's Toddler Time!


It's Toddler Time!

It's baby is a toddler. I literally was sweating this morning trying to get him dressed. If he sees me coming anywhere in his vicinity with a diaper in my hand, he is diving to get out the dog door (which is an issue in itself). I can't exactly pin-point the exact time and day this change occurred. I believe this new need for independence started at the "dinner-table" when he started refusing to eat bananas. "But you love bananas?" I said. "Not anymore" he made very clear with his clenched mouth and head shaking. He's not even really walking yet, but don't let that fool you. His crawl has a turbo speed and he takes corners like he's at Saratoga. I've read that at this age they have a strong need of independence and become increasingly frustrated when you...

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The Great Education Debate

Pre-Baby Confession #162- I used to get incredibly annoyed at my sister and her friends discussing where their children were going to go to school hours and hours on end. Now, oh but now, it's my favorite topic of conversation and yes my child just turned 1. So! I grew up in Ardmore, a small (atleast at the time I resided there) town in southern Oklahoma. There were few options for school, my parents chose one and it was a non-issue. I can only remember a couple of times I was unhappy with their choice. You know like when my second grade boyfriend and best friend were going behind my back to hold hands at a basketball game or something of that nature. Anyways, it's just not the case in a city like Tulsa. There are so many options! By not growing up here I can only rely on...

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Arctic Activities


Arctic Activities

I called my mom this morning (after seeing -11 on the tv) to ask her if I've ever been in colder weather. As suspected, this is the coldest it has ever been in my life. Yay. Anyways, my friend Hannah (who has three boys) was fresh out of ideas for her snow bound brood. So she turned to an expert, her mother. I thought they were pretty creative and wanted to share... 1. Musical glasses - Fill glasses with different amounts of water and tap with a spoon. Make up simple tunes. Play songs you know. 2. Cooperative funny story - First person secretly writes a sentence that needs to be completed. Fold the paper over just to hide the sentence, and the next person adds a silly sentence ending, then folds paper so sentence doesn't show, and so forth until everyone has composed a...

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Mac and Cheese please!

I love mac and cheese, always have, always will. Popsicles are delicious and I've never said no to a vanilla wafer. I have avoided my weaknesses in the past by just not buying them. Now that my son is old enough to eat almost anything, I love introducing him to new foods. Most of it is quite healthy, but I'm not going to deny him the delicious goodness that is noodles, butter and cheese. That's just mean. So I'll whip him up a box, put a little on his tray and he's happily munching away. But then there's just so much left, just sitting there, taunting me. I mean, I'll put some away for his lunch tomorrow, but there's still so much left. It would be wasteful to not eat the rest. Recently we've been dealing with a spell of croup. Not fun right? Our doctor suggested giving...

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sNOw My Goodness *sigh*

I hate snow days. My child isn't the age where it's fun or relaxing. There's no baking, no movies, no snuggling up, no building snow(people). We are simply stuck inside with no Vitamin D release. It's torture quite honestly. It's only 10:45 a.m. and we've already gone through the kitchen utensils. Pots and wooden spoons are my final "go-to" when the Alphabet Train has lost its luster. I've read Brown Bear atleast a dozen times. We have attempted to color, but I seem to remember crayons being toxic when swallowed. Normally when this happens we head to my sister's house, go for a walk, think of something I need at Target, but no way that's happening thanks to Snowmagedon. I better go, the whisk and strainer are no longer doing the trick. Thanks alot Oklahoma Blizzard 2011,...

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