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December 2010

10 things I've learned in 2010


10 things I've learned in 2010

December 15, 2009 December 15, 2010 These are in no order whatsoever, much like the past 12 months of my life. 1. If you do not have children never, repeat never, start a sentence with "my child will never...". You're not only setting up yourself for failure, you're setting yourself up to look like an idiot. 2. High chairs don't stay clean, they just don't. If you're able to keep the actual tray area clean, job well done. 3. 'Mother's Intuition' is real. It's powerful, necessary and should be taken very seriously. 4. Never leave the house without a diaper or wipes. The minute you get cocky and make that quick run to Reasors a mile from your house, is the very minute a massive explosion will occur rivaling Pompei. 5. That "next glass of wine" isn't...

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1-Year Birthday and Birthday Party


1-Year Birthday and Birthday Party

It's here, the day I've been looking forward to/dreading is here! Happy birthday to my sweet little guy. He was so excited about his birthday that he decided to get up at 4 a.m. this morning, isn't that cute. Seriously though, he's the only person that can make me smile at 4 a.m. The Party Well, no one told me that your child's birthday parties are not fun for the parent. No one that is until afterwards. Now all I hear is, "It's a nightmare", "Thank God it's only once a year", "Serving alcohol to the adults is key", etc. I had these great expectations of my little guy smiling and waving to all his guests, diving into his birthday cake and icing flying everywhere. What we got was the above photo. If you have had similar experiences, please leave a comment and make me...

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