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August 2011


Supermoms at risk for depression? DUH!

So I guess I'm going to chime in here with a million other mom bloggers today about the Today Show's segment about "Supermoms." My take on it is, is this really news? I mean, we all know the story. Guilt for working, guilt for not working, etc. etc. I still wouldn't take back having the choice. The only part about the story that was interesting to me is that working moms who don't expect their working husbands to do as much housework as they do were less likely to be depressed. Ha! So they're saying that as long as you don't set your expectations too high for your husband, than you're less likely to be disappointed. Although this may be true, isn't this letting the husbands off a little easy? I mean, so women are expected to bring home the bacon, cook it, feed it to their...

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Hello my name is Abby and I'm a co-sleeper.


Hello my name is Abby and I'm a co-sleeper.

Not too long ago I was touting about how "our baby just doesn't like to sleep with us.""He just prefers to sleep in his crib," I said.Well, throw that idea out the window. I think it's safe to say that we are now officially co-sleepers. The main problem is that we both have to pretend to go to sleep at 7:30. I, being a ceremonial sleeper who has to have all stars aligned to actually fall asleep, easily get up and continue on with my evening. My husband however is 0 for 2 this week because he keeps pretending a little too well. Ten minutes into "night-night" he's the first one snoozing. Needless to say, he's very rested this week. So, instead of spending hours making him "cry it out" in his crib (which makes me nauseous and extremely...

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Where Children Sleep.


Where Children Sleep.

It's so hard to not get bitter these days. The stock market is an emotional roller coaster, the heat has been breaking records and most of our elected official's behavior is just plain embarrassing. Seriously, I watch the news and wonder if I should just move to a commune somewhere.But then I get an e-mail like this and it puts things into perspective. I'm very lucky, my son is very lucky and if you are reading this blog entry you are very lucky too.

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Water Limit Order Shuts Down City Splash Pads


Water Limit Order Shuts Down City Splash Pads

In case you haven't heard, Mayor Bartlett called for outdoor water restrictions yesterday. For more information, click here to go to an article in the Tulsa World.Not to be completely insensitive because I know that it is definitely necessary, but the first thing I thought of were the splash pads. So, I called the Mayor's Action Hotline this morning and my greatest fear was realized....they are all shut down "until heat subsides."Actually, they are all shut down except for the one at 41st & Riverside. That specific one recycles the water.  So, I guess I will see you all there sometime in the next month because I don't forsee the heat subsiding anytime before then.P.S. Have you all noticed how cranky everyone is? Jeez, I got flipped off on Sunday for reasons unknown to...

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Battle Hymn of the Happy Mother


Battle Hymn of the Happy Mother

Have any of you seen the articles published finding that parents are more depressed than their childless friends? A friend e-mailed it to me some time ago and I've been keeping it starred in my in-box for a while.While reading it, I couldn't help but start really looking deep into myself I truly happy?The answer is that I'm happier than I've ever been in my adult life.Everyone's circumstances are different. I was 100% ready when I got pregnant. I'll never have to look back and think "I should have had more fun" because I most definitely had my fair share.I'm not saying that to brag or make my life seem wonderful and perfect because it's most definitely not. I have good days, bad days, mediocre days. My husband and I argue, mostly about money and scheduling. I...

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