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My Ex-Children

Apr 27, 2011 - 10:48 AM
My Ex-Children

Flashback: It's 2007, I'm married, working full-time and a dog fanatic. Our two basset hounds, Bogey and Byrdie, were the loves of our lives. They were on our couches, in our bed, and going for a walk was a nightly event.

Present Time: It's 2011, I'm married, working part-time and a baby fanatic. Our two basset hounds, Bogey and Byrdie, are no longer allowed on the couches, no way they're getting in our bed, if it's not raining and between 50 to 90 degress they're outside, and they're lucky to go for a walk once a week.

Let's not get crazy, the last thing these dogs are is mis-treated. They live very, very good lives. But they've definitely gone down a few steps in the rankings.

Now be honest, I'm not the only one right? Whether it's a cat, a dog or your figure, we all put things
aside when the baby arrives. You just don't have the time or extra energy for it and that's ok.
Here's what you don't do...give the dogs to a shelter.

Now there are extenuating circumstances. The dog is aggressive or the baby is highly allergic. Those things I can understand. But taking them to the shelter because "you simply don't have the time anymore" is not ok. So what if you don't like the dog anymore, you made a commitment when you got it and you're responsible for it.

Six months ago, I admit I was having these thoughts. I had an infant who was crawling and sticking everything in his mouth. The dogs were tracking in things and the dog hair was just completely overwhelming. I would sweep twice a day, it didn't matter. It was also around the time of the blizzard, so we were all stuck in the house for weeks upon weeks.

But it passed, and now I have a 16-month-old who loves our dogs (and I'd even venture to say, two dogs who love our 16-month-old). They have a very peaceful co-existence....and I even let them get on the couch now and then.

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