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April 2011

My Ex-Children


My Ex-Children

Flashback: It's 2007, I'm married, working full-time and a dog fanatic. Our two basset hounds, Bogey and Byrdie, were the loves of our lives. They were on our couches, in our bed, and going for a walk was a nightly event. Present Time: It's 2011, I'm married, working part-time and a baby fanatic. Our two basset hounds, Bogey and Byrdie, are no longer allowed on the couches, no way they're getting in our bed, if it's not raining and between 50 to 90 degress they're outside, and they're lucky to go for a walk once a week. Let's not get crazy, the last thing these dogs are is mis-treated. They live very, very good lives. But they've definitely gone down a few steps in the rankings. Now be honest, I'm not the only one right? Whether it's a cat, a dog or your figure,...

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Lastnight was our first school program as parents. It was his MDO's spring program and I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. I'm not sure why, maybe I was having flashbacks of my younger years when getting on the stage in front of people was my worst nightmare. Anyways, we arrived with our camera, camcorder and I-Phones in tow to document this milestone. It did not disappoint. Yes, he just sat there and shook an egg to "You are my Sunshine", but he did it really, really good. And to think I almost didn't bring him at all. Why? I thought, "Oh he's just 16-months-old, it will just be a hassle" and "7 o'clock is too late for him". How wrong I was! While the school director was opening the show she mentioned that us (meaning all of the parents) being there showed the...

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I-Phone Addict


I-Phone Addict

The bottles are gone, he has never been into pacifiers, he kind of has an affection to a specific blanket, but his most prized possession is the I-Phone. It doesn't have to be mine. It could be yours for all he cares. He just has to have it. In fact, we were strolling through the mall a couple of weeks ago when a man next to us looked at me quite startled. I was confused until I looked down to see my 15-month-old had jerked the man's I-Phone right out of his hand. This can't be good, right?! Well, I took this question to both my family pediatrician and my sister (who just happens to have her PhD in Child Psychology). While they both gave me the "it's all in moderation" and "it shouldn't take away from quality time you spend with him" answers, the truth is no one really...

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