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19 Weeks---Oh, hey there husband.

Apr 30, 2010 - 10:25 AM
My life is starting to level out again. I can count on getting atleast 6 hours of sleep at night, and Bennett is on somewhat of a schedule. My new normal is getting more predictable. People told me it would get better, and it has.
I've recently noticed this man living in my house. He's not in diapers, he feeds himself and he's almost as cute as my son...it's my husband. I must admit he has been low on my list of priorities the past 6 months, which includes the last part of my pregnancy. I've been in mommy mode, and mommy may not have been the most pleasant person.
Nights upon nights I would be up with the baby, secretly plotting my revenge on my unsuspecting, peacefully sleeping husband. With breastfeeding there is really nothing he could do to help, but when your going on 2-4 hours of sleep a night you're not thinking clearly. Not that I'm letting him off the hook...Note to Dads: Just simply waking up and keeping your new moms company is extremely helpful. The middle of the night can be oh so lonely.
Pre-Bennett we were just two young people with very low responsibilities. We'd hit a happy hour if we felt like it, going out of town was often a last minute decision. Now we have to coordinate schedules, out of town trips are planned weeks in advance, and going to watch a movie---yeah right. Oh, and lets be honest, any time I have been in bed the past couple of months has been dedicated to sleep. Any forward advances have been quickly rebuffed.
Our lives have been turned upside down and it's taken some time to adjust. Last night for the first time, I sat outside with my husband and son on our porch swing and enjoyed a glass of wine. We talked about his work, my work, how big Bennett's getting, Rob's golf swing--you know the important things. It was like catching up with an old friend. It was nice.

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