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I'm a Tulsa Kid: Kadence Long

Tulsa's Little Lighthouse recently added a statue modeled on Kadence to their school grounds

Gifting Ideas:

Best toys, games and collectibles for the holidays

Two Parents, Two Homes:

Easing the transition

10 Practical Ways to Teach Kids Gratitude

How to Communicate With Your Child's Teacher

Why electronic communication may be preferred and how to take advantage of scheduled parent/teacher events

Reading Pictures, Drawing Feelings

Meet Shadra Strickland @ Hardesty Library on November 9 for 'Books to Treasure'

The Value of Age-Appropriate Homework

Benefits include improved study habits, self-discipline, independent problem-solving skills and more

How to Pump Up Physical Activity With Your Children

And the many benefits of having physically active kids.

Patriotism Begins at Home:

Small ways to teach your child to be a good citizen.

Children with ADHD Need Personalized Care and Treatment

There are many options for managing ADHD, and what works for one child may not work for another.

I'm a Tulsa Kid: Jayla Patten

Patten recently placed in Sodexo's Future Chef competition.

Making a Plan for Summer Screen Time

Beyond limiting the quantity of time kids spend on screens, parents should consider the quality of the screen time.
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A Homeschooling Tale:

How and why we concluded that homeschooling is the right choice for our family

Age Appropriate Books to Talk to Your Kids about Sex

Indoor Places to Play in Tulsa

Tulsa Birthday Parties for Kids

Kids Eat Free in Tulsa

Indoor Places to Play in Tulsa

Don't let the winter weather curb your fun!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend Roundup

Free Events for Tulsa Families

Teachers Can't Find the Nurturer in TPS's Classroom Management System

No-Nonsense Nurturer has been criticized as being robotic, stifling and under-researched.

Ten Places to Volunteer With Your Family in Tulsa

For many Tulsans, charitable giving is a way of life; but it can be difficult to know where to start.