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Picky Eater Rehab:

Try these three tips if your child is a picky eater.

How Do You Build a Reader?

Talk, Sing, Read, Write and Play Every Day!

Screen Time Slows Speech Development

A new study helps answer the question: How much time should children spend with mobile devices?

Time-Out Troubles

Mistakes that reduce the effectiveness of "time-outs."

Is Your Child Stressed?

Tics may be an indication that your child is experiencing stress. Here is what to look for and what you can do about it.

Water Worries

Five tips to keep kids safe at the pool.

Five Parenting Policies that Work

Not every rule is effective, but these five are tried and true.

Tales of Toilet Training

Many parents feel pressured to potty train their kids as soon as they turn 2--but if they're not ready, it's probably not worth it.

Should your child be screened for Autism?

Tips for Getting Your Toddler in His Own Bed

5 Tips for Playing with Your Toddler

Are food myths making our kids fat?