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Love Your World with Global Gardens

Having children makes traveling the world a little bit tricky. However, giving your children a global experience opens them up to a lifetime of wonder. Luckily, going “global” doesn’t necessarily have to involve loading up the suitcases, trying to fit every bit of baby gear in your pack, and figuring out how to keep napping toddlers on a schedule while gallivanting around the globe. There are many ways to give your family a global experience right here in your own backyard.  

On April 22, many people will be celebrating Earth Day with an emphasis on reducing, reusing and recycling. While we applaud these efforts, at Global Gardens we’ve put a different twist on our Earth Day celebration. Given our daily focus on the garden, which includes caring for our environment, we’ve spent the last several years devoting Earth Day to celebrating our global family.

Love Your World is an event, free and open to the public, that is put on by Global Gardens students and families. On Saturday, April 22, from 12-2 p.m. at Rosa Parks Elementary, there will be approximately 24 countries represented through food, dance, music, activities and more. Iceland, Bolivia, Russia, France, Taiwan and Madagascar are just a few of the countries visitors can expect to learn about during the event. Student-created passports will give participants a chance to earn a stamp for every place they visit.

“We want people who are from different parts of the country or other continents to know that they are included in everything, because sometimes they don’t feel like they are included,” explains Sophie, 3rd grade. “I want them to not be afraid of where they are from and how they are judged. Hopefully they will be proud of how they were raised and everything. “

Exploring other cultures helps us to see not only our differences but also our similarities. It gives value to other cultures and their traditions. When people see value in where they came from, they’re more likely to want to preserve not only their traditions but also their land.

“I would like to tell people that Love Your World is also Global Gardens because it has the word ‘global’ in it,” says Ian, a fourth-grader at Rosa Parks. “It’s not only about gardening and getting plants, it’s about loving different countries. I think it’s more than what people would expect it to be. I thought the same about it; I thought it was only going to be about gardening, but I’ve seen a lot more. It’s a lot more work to do but it’s a lot more fun.“ 

It takes work to get to know our neighbors – those living across the street and across the globe. When our only knowledge of other countries comes from what we see on the news, we are missing the broader, richer picture. It’s a lot more work to do our own research or spend time learning about others, but we think it’s also a lot more fun when we do. We hope you will join us!

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