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September 17, 2014

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Honeybee Mama

Life is what you make of it; make honey.
Yoga and Much More at I AM

Yoga and Much More at I AM

If you haven't heard of the I AM Yoga, Art and Music Festival you may not have been living under a rock exactly, but you're definitely missing out!   The 4th Annual I AM festival is in full swing this weekend only. Beginning Friday, September 12th, it continues...

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Living the empty nest life, and loving it.
Happy Anniversary, AmeriCorps!

Happy Anniversary, AmeriCorps!

President Obama and former President Bill Clinton are swearing in hundreds of new AmeriCorps volunteers today to mark the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps, a program created by Clinton in 1993. National volunteerism is actually older than the 20th anniversary being celebrated today....


Baby Love

Having babies can be hard, but it's also really, really fun(ny).
The Screen Time Rules in My Home

The Screen Time Rules in My Home

"My children just won't watch television."  Oh, silly, pre-kid Abby, you're so funny and such an idiot. Like most declarations I made before I had kids, the whole screen time thing just hasn't seemed to work out as planned.  I've done a good job with...


Money Saving Queen

Live Simply. Save Money. Enjoy Life.
Save Money & Stay Healthy on the Go

Save Money & Stay Healthy on the Go

Many of us throw our good eating habits out the window when we're rushing around town for the day or taking a road trip. It's just so much easier to run through a drive thru at a fast food restaurant than to plan anything ahead. Unfortunately, not only do we lose nutrition but we lose...


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1, 2, 3 Play With Me: A Parent/Child Workshop (Herman and Kate Kaiser Library)


Join us for this five-week series for parents and children ages 1-3. Each weekly program offers opportunities for children to play with...

Alexandre Hogue Exhibit at the Gilcrease Museum


Known primarily for his “Dust Bowl” or “Erosion Series” of works, Alexandre Hogue’s art returns to Tulsa in a new...

3-D Printer Orientation (Librarium)


Join us for this brief introduction and orientation to the world of 3-D printing. For all ages.